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Where is ColorDesign made?

ColorDesign is manufactured in seven state-of-the-art facilities in northern Italy.

Is ColorDesign a global brand?

Yes, ColorDesign is available in more than 40 countries throughout the world.

Is ColorDesign an opaque or dimensional color line?

Depending on preference, ColorDesign can be either opaque or dimensional by adjusting
the mixing ratios with developer.

Is developer required with Direct Colors?

No developer is required. Our Direct Colors and Fun&Glam are semi-permanent direct dyes that do not require any type of activator or developer.

What is the best Lightener to use for a balayage service?

Shiny Blond is our clay-based cream Lightener that offers great consistency for balayage. However, any of our ammonia-free powder Lighteners are also excellent choices.

How many levels of lift can I achieve with the high lift blondes?

Our high lift blondes can achieve up to 4 ½ levels of lift when used with 40 volume developer.

What exactly is Ceramide A2?

Ceramide A2 is a proprietary reconstruction technology that replaces the hair’s natural ceramides or amino acids during the color process to leave each strand healthy, soft, and conditioned. It is included in our Permanent, Ammonia-Free, and Direct Colors as well as our Reconstruction Oil, Shampoo, and Mask.

How many options does the line offer for achieving gray coverage?

ColorDesign offers a variety of options for 100 percent gray coverage, including our N series, our NN(.0) series, our NNG( .003) series, and our G( .3) series.

What is the difference between the .2 and the /2 series?

There is significant difference between them. ColorDesign .2 colors represent a tonal value of violet and /2 colors represent a tonal value of green.

Is ColorDesign on the European or American level system?

ColorDesign is formulated on the European level system, therefore, shades will appear one level darker than color lines on the American level system (e.g. European level 7 appears similar to an American level 6).

Does Colordesign have toners?

Yes, ColorDesign has toners in both permanent and ammonia-free shades. You can find a quick reference guide located in the swatch ring, the paper chart, and the technical manual.

Does ColorDesign have an Ammonia-Free collection?

Yes, ColorDesign offers more than 40 ammonia-free shades with more coming soon.

Does ColorDesign have a powder Lightener?

ColorDesign has three powder lighteners safe for on- or off-scalp application. Blue and Violet offer controlled lifting, while White offers traditional lifting. All powder lighteners are ammonia free, 100 percent dust free, and provide up to seven levels of lift.

Are there plenty of color options available in the line?

ColorDesign has everything you need to create beautiful hair color, including more than 100 permanent shades. We also offer ammonia-free color, Fun & Glam semi-permanent fashion shades, and ammonia-free Direct Color featuring pure pigments.

What is the processing time for the permanent color?

The processing time for permanent color is 35 minutes; 45 minutes for highly resistant gray.
The processing time for high lift blonde is 30-50 minutes.

Does ColorDesign fade quickly?

All ColorDesign shades feature heavy Italian dye loads and are long lasting while fading on tone with the help of micropigment technology featured in all our colors.

What is Shiny Blond and how does it work?

Shiny Blond is a clay-based, drip-free cream lightener designed for off-scalp application such as foiling and balayage. It contains natural vegetable oils to help prevent the mixture from drying out, while creating an optimal hydrolipid balance that leaves hair soft and shiny. Achieve up to five levels of lift.

Where can I purchase ColorDesign color?

ColorDesign hair color is sold exclusively to salon professionals through a worldwide distribution network or directly online through our website with proof of license.


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