Self Expression Through Hair Color Self Expression Through Hair Color

Self Expression Through Hair Color

There’s been a shift when it comes to hair color, and as hairdressers, we’ve seen it…and LOVE IT! Our color clients are younger, asking for a little lighter/darker or opting for something more dramatic, bold, and vibrant. Hair color is no longer primarily about gray coverage. It’s about self-expression, and ColorDesign has everything you need and more when it comes to creating shiny, healthy hair.

Hair Color…Changing Societal Norms

Hair color after age 50 used to be about hiding those pesky gray hairs that pop up in massive amounts with every birthday. All our clients wanted, for years, was to cover their grays. Today, hair color after 50 is still about covering and blending their gray, but it’s also about making a statement. It’s about individuality, identity, fashion, culture, whimsy. Forget societal norms, no one really cares what color your client wears. The digital era has changed the way we think about and view beauty trends, making things like hair color an encouraged – and respected – result of self-expression.

Hair Color…But Make it Fashion

A truly great hair color is about a lot of things – skin tone, bone structure, wardrobe, lifestyle – but it’s no longer about age. Client hair color choices reflect their daily life and personal preferences. Women over 50 are wearing bold, ColorDesign Direct Dye purples, reds, and blues with confidence in the same way subtle highlights and soft glazes suit other clients. This is the new reality, and experienced colorists look at more than just the hair on their head and their age when determining a color.  

Hair Color…Listen Up!

The best advice? LISTEN! Your over-50 clients know exactly who they are and what they want whereas your younger clients may be nervous about drawing attention to themselves in the early stages of their professional careers, choosing subtle changes over dramatic looks. Your job is to ensure that her color choices complement her fashion sense and personality, regardless of age. Hair color choices are personal and very individualized, but that choice shouldn’t be about a number. Women have realized that hair color after 50 has nothing to do with how old they are and everything to do with who they are.

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