Get Ready for the Bronde Bombshell Technique

Get Ready for the Bronde Bombshell Technique

About two percent of the world’s population are natural blondes, leaving everyone else to wonder what it would be like to be a blonde. Since one out of every three women, at least in America, who has dyed her hair blonde knows the answer to that question, that leaves two others who may be on the fence about whether to take the plunge. The new Bronde Color Technique from ColorDesign professional hair color allows salon clients to test drive a lighter shade without overcommitting. 

Allow for about three hours, including styling, for the service, which can generate up to $250 for you. The low-maintenance look not only delivers a lived-in vibe with natural dimension but also gives clients a little more time between appointments to refresh their highlights.

The Color Design Bronde Technique is a fusion of brown and blonde that creates a sun-kissed glow. You’ll need a lightener to lift a natural brunette base. We suggest a low-volume developer to create the desired effect. The goal is to create low-maintenance dimensional color with subtle pops of warm/neutral or cool hues. For the base, we recommend our cool naturals. Too much ash and the finish will be dark and flat. Too much warmth creates a brassy finish. The perfect combo: ColorDesign’s cool naturals and beige series.

To use this technique on a blonde, you’ll need to deposit color. Be sure to add a little warmth or the color will look dull and flat. ColorDesign’s warm natural shades provide just the right color balance and coverage in one.

Color Formulas

Formula A (apply to back sections)            Shiny Blonde clay-based lightener + 20-volume ColorDesign developer

Formula B (apply to front sections).            Shiny Blonde clay-based lightener + 30-volume ColorDesign developer

Formula C (root shadow)                                            ColorDesign 6.01 + 6.77 + 10-volume ColorDesign developer

Formula D (lowlights)                                                             ColorDesign 7.23 + 10-volume ColorDesign developer

Formula E (ends toner)                                                 ColorDesign 9.01 + 9.32 + 5-volume ColorDesign developer

Money Piece Section Only                              ColorDesign 9.1SV + 1SB + 10N + 5--volume ColorDesign developer

How to Achieve This Look - Formula Steps

  1. Start in the back, alternating balayage technique and teasy lights using Formula A. Continue to work towards the front using Formula B.
  2. Working with Formula A, start at the front center section with three back-to-back sliced foils on either side of the forehead, creating a small V-shape. Apply Formula D to the hair left out of the foils.
  3. After processing, rinse and apply Formula C to the base. Allow for processing and then rinse.
  4. Apply Formula E to tone ends. Tone the front face-framing section with the Money Piece formula for a brighter more dramatic effect.
  5. Rinse and style as desired.

“All ColorDesign how-to guides, techniques and print outs were created by Sarah Brink, our Director of Education, who brings the latest trends and timeless color styles using ColorDesign’s hair color”, stated Zoe Hyams Senior Vice President of Marketing & Public Relations.

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