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Four Reasons Why Colordesign Hair Color Should Be On Your Gray-Dar

Every hairdresser knows that hair color is a creative process that’s evolved into more than just covering a client’s gray hair. Whether your client wants a cool brown, golden blonde, or a fiery red, it’s essential to create the most beautiful shade possible using unique formulas created from years of experience, your imagination, and the perfect hair color product that provides 100 percent gray coverage to even the most resistant strands. Say hello to the N Series and the G Series from ColorDesign Hair Color.


Let’s be honest. You have endless options when it comes to choosing professional hair color. Maximum gray coverage is often your main priority but you’ve found that some brands concentrate heavily on producing an infinite number of neutral tones, giving a monochromatic “one size fits all” approach to the issue. ColorDesign offers a variety of gray coverage options, each including its proprietary Ceramide A2 reconstruction technology that replaces the hair’s natural amino during the color process to leave each strand healthy, soft, and conditioned. Choosing a brand that offers multiple gray coverage options allows the colorist and client to collaborate on an unlimited number of palette possibilities.


From cool neutral and double neutral tones to soft natural gold tones and even warmer golds ColorDesign N Series has something for everyone. Our N series and our NN (.0) Series covers  100 percent resistant gray hair with a cool neutral result as well, allowing the colorist to cover gray without adding extra warmth for those clients that prefer cooler colors. Our NNG (.003) Series provides 100 percent gray coverage with a soft natural gold that supports a warm result.


If your client wants a fiery, bold red that turns heads, using a rich gold to cover the gray is just the ticket to allow those crimson hues to really shine. Our G Series provides 100 percent gray coverage while the rich gold supports vibrant results.

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